The Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy as approved by Central Government - Mr. Raman Bhatia Founder & Managing Director Servotech Power Systems Ltd.

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  • March 16, 2024
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The new electric vehicle policy will make India a global powerhouse for EV manufacturing. It is a boon for India’s booming economy and acts as a major push forward in the nation’s aspirations for clean transportation. Keeping a strong focus on prioritizing domestic manufacturing and encouraging competition and growth, this policy will provide enough chances and harbour enough space to facilitate increasing the adoption of EVs across the nation and aligns with the “Make In India “ initiative promoting local production and job creation. This policy acts as a gateway for large-scale investments from global EV giants like Tesla, making India an EV manufacturing hub globally and providing the much-needed impetus for the local players to enhance their manufacturing capacities and adapt high-tech EV technologies. This healthy rivalry will drive innovation, reduce production costs, and ultimately benefit Indian consumers with a broader range of high-quality, affordable EVs.